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How many trees does it take to make a traditional stick home?

According to the Journal of Construction Education, a standard 1500 square foot, 3-bedroom, one-story gable house with slab-on-grade foundation in Florida (building codes make a difference) takes about 400 board feet of lumber. According to a paper authored by David B South (Professor School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station Auburn University, AL), a typical 10 year old Southern Pine might have a diameter at breast height of 10 in and height of 53.5 ft. According to the About:Lumber timber calculator, using the above Southern Pine, we would get about 75 board feet (using the International Rule) per tree.

So it would take around 5.3 of these trees to build the house we described above.

Source(s): Journal of Construction Education:… South, David B. – “Planting longleaf pine at wide spacings”, Native Plants Journal – Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2006, pp. 79-88

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