Going Once, Going Twice & SOLD!

Have you ever wondered how anyone can manage to be so fast at talking especially the ones who hold auctions? Their bombastic way of speech just amuses me every time I hear or see a fast talker on TV. In my opinion this subject of bidding would be a lot less hectic without an extremely fast talker, like the real estate industry. A bidding war can relate to the real estate industry because it simply creates competition between buyers, making it a perfect opportunity for the sellers to get the best buy and the buyers to gain the house with their best bet. With that being said, I have managed to find out tips on how an agent can help their clients initiate a bidding war.

Let see, to start off help your clients set the price of the house a tad bit lower than the comparable houses in their neighborhood. Under pricing your home just right can expedite buyers to potentially start a bidding on your house. After you have potential buyers help your client host a brokers open house to attract multiple offers as possible. Brokers caravan is another great tool for sellers and buyers in which local real estate agents tour various homes which are about to be listed for sale. Living in an area where brokers caravans are being held adds an advantage to both buyers and sellers. Social media is a fast base for buyers to look up properties therefore advising your clients into creating a website can be beneficial. According to statistics 80 percent of all homebuyers first prefer to view homes online. An elaborate online presentation is the key. Using avenues such as internet can provide leverage to create the right buzz for your home. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide the opportunity to share pictures and information regarding your property. As an agent you want to make sure to schedule open house appointments back to back, giving potential buyers the chance and feel of competition; So make sure your open houses are stacked! Another final step would be to make sure that the home is staged well, give examples to your clients by showing them home magazines and pictures of staged homes and explain them the importance in attracting the right buyers. The home must have a magnetic appeal.

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