Efficient Lighting


Lighting for offices, homes, and public structures can account for 22% of US electricity usage. Thus, creating more efficient lighting is a big deal to those looking to save energy and trim costs. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, represent a small segment of the $120 billion global lighting market, with perhaps a 1% to 5% market share. But they possess huge growth potential because of their efficiency 75% more efficient, in fact, than compact fluorescents. This is a tremendous advance from the incandescent bulbs that Thomas Edison invented. Philips Electronics, which makes LED bulbs, estimates LED lighting could be 90% of the global lighting market by 2020.

Cree (CREE) is a North Carolina company that makes replacement LED fixtures and bulbs those that can retrofit existing facilities. Sales grew an average 30% a year the past four years to $867 million last fiscal year, ended June 30. More of the same is expected this year and next, with Wall Street seeing sales tipping $1.4 billion by 2012 and earnings of $2.69 a share.

Some examples of CREE lighting system:

ArchitecturalInterior Architectural

Cree LED lighting is both crisp and warm to ensure your space appears vibrant yet comfortable.

Residential LED lightingResidential

Beautiful LED lighting and energy efficient products for your residence

Restaurants and Hospitality ApplicationRestaurants & Hospitality

Cree luminaires are the ideal solution for multiple location franchise installations because they offer the versatility of optical selections and upgradeable modular LED light bars to meet different lighting ordinances.

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