Resource for Sellers

Selling the house on the market can be difficult and very time consuming, however with the right help and support the process can be done smoothly.

1.  Planning to Sell

Before you put your house on the market review what needs to be done. Determine if your home would need to be remodeled, cleaned, etc. Try to understand the needs and wants of buyers and apply them to the redecoration of the house.

 Brainstorm what kind of audience you would like your house to attract:

      • A younger couple
      • A big family with kids
      • Younger buyers who will have roommates, etc.

After you have brainstormed clean up and decorate your house according to the buyers you wish to attract.

Think about when the right time to sell the house is. Focus on the supply and demand factors that apply to your neighborhood so you know when the best time to put your house on the market.

Most importantly start to detach any emotional feelings toward your house, it will make it a lot easier on you to sell.

2.  Get the appropriate help

After you have finished with the basics, get the help from a realtor to guide you through the selling portion. It is always wise to have a realtor at your help to aid you with the legalities and the financial aspect (we would be more than welcome to help).

Realtors will bring in potential buyers, handle contracts, accurately price your home, and market your house. This will only make your process in selling the house painless and easier.

3.  Price and Market the house

There is never a set price on a house. There is a price that the owner would like to sell it for, the price that the buyer would like to purchase it for, and the final negotiation price.

Some factors to look upon considering home values:

      • always look at the supply and demand
      • find out the local sale prices
      • the needs of the owner can impact the final sale price
      • do not over price
      • sale prices are not the whole deal

How one promotes the house can make a very big difference in having the home sold to a new owner. Most of this will be done by your realtor but you should always be up to date with what is going on with your home. Holding an open house is very important in showing potential buyers the value that the house holds. Usually open house will be on a Sunday during sometime in the afternoon.

4.  Sell and Close it

Once you have gathered potential buyers, negotiate with the one who will buy the house  for the price that both fits you and the buyer.

If there are several offers, pick and choose the most appropriate one for you and if you have any concerns always contact your realtor.

When you have reach an agreement with a buyer obtain a sales agreement. After everything has been approved follow through with your realtor and close the deal with a Settlement Statement and the home is sold to its new owner.

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