7 Common Mistakes

Sellers should never rush into trying to sell their home without the correct knowledge and/or guidance. There are many correct ways to selling your home but there are more mistakes a seller can make during this process.

For example, a couple who desperately wanted to sell their house thought of ways to make their home more “appealing” on the market by making a costly decision to renovate their house. They tried to make their home look like it came straight out of the city of New York in a quiet family-oriented suburban place. This is a waste of time and money. It is nice to have your house pop in your neighborhood but it does not mean it’s necessarily appropriate. There is a reason why houses in that suburban area are designed the way they are; to attract buyers with families. When it was placed in the market it attracted younger buyers however the location was not fitted for them hence making it hard for anyone to purchase the house. In conclusion the sellers made a costly mistake.

Unfortunately there are more problems a seller can make but with these lists of 7 main mistakes it should stop you from making any more.

COMMON MISTAKE 1: You should never put your house on the market before its ready. Presentation is everything and if you are still in the process of changing your dirty carpets to a new one or applying fresh new paint during the marketing of the home it will drive the potential buyers away. This happens to procrastinators or impatient sellers who pushed themselves up against the deadline without getting the pre-sale work done.

COMMON MISTAKE 2: Trying too hard to appeal in the market. Don’t make the mistake like the couple who made ridiculous renovations to have their house more “attractable”. This is just a waste of time and money. Instead use more subtle and appropriate ways to attract buyers.

COMMON MISTAKE 3: Never try to price your home according to what you may want to sell it for because that will never work. Sellers can’t control the “sales” price because the market does, however they can control the “asking” price. Make sure to get professional help from an experienced agent.

COMMON MISTAKE 4: Talking about an agent leads to this common mistake. Always aim to hire a well experienced agent with a proven track record. Make sure to interview your potential agents to weed out the ones who won’t be able to get your home sold quickly.

COMMON MISTAKE 5: Do NOT get emotionally involved with the sale of your home. You’re home is no longer a home but a commodity so treat it as one. Detach all feelings or emotions because it will only distract you from the process. It’s not about what you want anymore it’s what the market can bear.

COMMON MISTAKE 6: Fix the problems around your home instead of trying to cover it up. Use a property disclosure/disclaimer form provided by your state wisely (only certain states have these forms).

COMMON MISTAKE 7: Not getting your priorities together before putting your house on the market. Listen to your local market and the dictation it gives because it will cost you more you do not. Understanding where you stand with finances, make sure you don’t have pre-payment penalties, and once again listen to the particulars of your local market.

If you or any other sellers avoid these common 7 mistakes then the process of selling your home will not only be easier but successful as well. There are many resources such as [enter Maxxum link] to guide sellers in the right direction of home selling.